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Dr. Holmes works as a psychological consultant in the media and entertainment industries and as an on-air mental health specialist for Film and Television Productions. She also collaborates with writers and producers on script and character development with the goal of creating realistic characters and situations while reducing stigma and stereotypes.

"For five years, HOMMs Consulting provided program evaluations for Just Lovin’ Music Studios, Inc.(JLMS).  Dr. Holmes completed the evaluation portion of the grants that JLMS received. She developed the evaluation plan which included teacher surveys, data analysis and report writing.  Her evaluations also helped us to present the process and success of the program to the JLMS Board of Directors and collaborative partners.  Dr. Holmes took the time to help us understand the evaluations and communicate the impact of our comprehensive music programs to stakeholders.  At all times she was professional, patient and genuinely interested in our agency. We are honored to acknowledge and appreciate the skills and highly recommended HOMMs Consulting.” 


Michelle Love,  Just Lovin' Music Studios, Inc., CEO

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