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Dr. Holmes has presented keynote addresses and presented across the country on a variety of topics such as:

  • Treating Trauma Resulting from Race Related Violence with Treatment Strategies Informed by Positive Psychology

  • African-American Identity Development: Implications for Work, Life and Therapy

  • Teaching Racial Identity Theory: Passing the Torch

  • Dealing with Racist, Prejudiced and/or Discriminatory Patients: Exploring Your Options

  • Women Breaking Free: The Power of me

  • When Good Relationships Go Bad

  • The Black Church: A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

  • Teaching Human Diversity: Tales from the Battlefield

  • You’re Beautiful No Matter What They Say: 7 Ways To Increase Self-Esteem In Young Girls

“I’ve had the pleasure of sitting through one of Dr. Holmes’ presentations in early 2019, and was thoroughly impressed with the energy and experience she brought into the room. She gracefully and tactfully walked the audience through the topic at hand, being careful to invite them into her presentation in efforts of keeping them engaged. Her delivery was quite impactful and I’m pretty certain that I was only one out of many, who left feeling empowered and hopeful. It was a presentation I’d never forget!”


– Sashelle Archer, American Civil Liberties Union

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