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Are you a frequent resident of No Man’s Land? 

Do your dating relationships always seem to fizzle out—or maybe even crash and burn?

Ever think to yourself, maybe it’s me?

Written by clinical psychologist Dr. Erica Holmes, Dating with Purpose: A Single Woman’s Guide to Escaping No Man’s Land guides women of all ages through a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-empowerment on the path to finding the love they desire. The first workbook of its kind, Dating with Purpose includes a series of easy-to-follow reflective exercises designed to bring awareness to the patterns and behaviors that set up roadblocks to happiness in intimate relationships.

With time-tested psychological techniques, Dating with Purpose will help you balance dating using both your head and your heart. Play the Dating Name Game with Doc Erica: Are you Ms. Controlling, Lady Doormat, or Duchess Needy? Or a combination of them all? Her thought-provoking exercises will help you identify the behavioral qualities that adversely impact your ability to develop and sustain healthy relationships. Learn how to embrace your good dating habits—and ditch your unhealthy ones. This book will guide you through the inner work needed to bring your best self into a relationship.

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The author not only uses humor but writes in a way that is accessible to the reader. In addition, she utilizes evidence-based practices to offer people solutions to their relationship challenges. I definitely recommend this book for people searching for answers and solutions in finding love.


-Dr. C

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If you are looking to get a more intimate understanding of who you are, in preparation for entering the dating space in a new way, this workbook is a must have. Dr. Holmes' writing is fun and easy to understand, but also be prepared to work! Dr. Holmes' poses simple, yet thought provoking questions that requires you to engage with yourself in ways you probably haven't before. She helps you understand yourself better, so that you can position yourself to be who you desire to be for you, and ultimately your next partner. This book is truly a gem. I definitely recommend this book, and also suggest getting it for a few girl friends; it makes for excellent group/ book club discussions. It is also a great way to have accountability partners, to help hold you accountable to the woman you say you want to be.



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"As a black man I am proud to say this book has made me look into my life, pull out some of the most sensitive topics of my upbringing and communicate it to my partner in way that can be heard and understood. If the idea of “Think Like A Man” was a book for the Black Couples, then this cheat sheet for strengthening a union has done just that! Brother, do yourself a favor and get this now!"

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