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Community Based Organization/Consultation

HOMMs Consulting assists individuals and organizations in their quest to improve infrastructure...(learn more)

Workshop Facilitation

HOMMs Consulting designs and facilitates trainings and workshops aimed at improving diversity awareness...(learn more)

Media Consultations

Dr. Holmes works as a psychological consultant in the media and entertainment industries...(learn more)

Executive Coaching

Dr. Holmes provides professional coaching services senior level executives of small to medium sized organizations...(learn more)

Keynote & Presenter

Dr. Holmes has presented keynote addresses and presented across the country...(learn more)

“Fire can warm or consume,
water can quench or drown,
wind can caress or cut.
And so it is with human relationshps;
we can both create and destroy,
nurture and terrorize,
traumatize and heal each other” Bruce Perry

My Approach


I'd love to chat with you!

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