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About Me

Being born in a small town in the South and later relocating to Southern California laid the foundation for my love of the study of people. As a naturally curious youngster, I often found myself in places and with people that the larger society regularly pushed to the margins. However, even as a teen, I knew that all people had the potential to self-actualize and I wanted to be instrumental in that process. After graduating high school early and a short-lived medical doctor pursuit, I moved to Europe and further expanded my interest in people and diversity. These insights lead me to returning to the states and focus my education and career in psychology.

I have taught, trained and consulted for over 20 years and have maintained my desire to assist individuals and communities in healing, growing and developing.

Over the years working as a psychologist, I chose to place myself in areas of greatest need. I chose to relinquish the sanctity and security offered by many work environments: opting instead to work with historically underserved, marginalized and oppressed individuals, families, and children. Many professionals are not up to the challenge of such intensive and demanding work; however, in my desire to increase access to care and maximize impact the choice was simple.


My collective experiences have distilled my work into three major areas of concentration:

  • Impact of Psychological Trauma

  • Cultural Diversity, Humility and Belonging

  • Attachment, Dating and Relationships


In 2019, I published my first book “Dating With Purpose: A Women’s Guide to Escaping No Man’s Land.”  Filled with time-tested psychological techniques, Dating with Purpose reflects my belief that all relationships require intentional and mindful work. Designed as a workbook, the structure provides maximum opportunity for self-reflection, increased insight and greater progress towards healthier intimate relationships


With all of this, I balance my professional life with lots of travel and socializing with family and friends.  I enjoy music and continued volunteer work with an alumni chapter of my sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Incorporated.